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The world’s smallest all-in-one solution for global voice, data, messaging and flight tracking.

Uninterrupted Hybrid Tracking

A dual satellite and cellular device, the DZMx allows you to track and message your team, regardless of their location.

Reliable Communication

With WiFi and Bluetooth, onboard smart devices can access the internet and send data off the aircraft — ensuring secure communication, in real time.




  • Cabin and cockpit voice communications via satellite and cellular networks.
  • Dual mode GPS tracking via both Iridium satellite and 3G broadband networks.
  • Full global data coverage via Iridium narrowband and 3G broadband networks.
  • World-beating design packs twice the functionality into a box half the size


  • Optional 3G cellular modem
  • Removable Iridium 9505/9575 sat phone in Flightcell cradle
  • Up to two optional internal 9523 modems
  • Optional I/O board with up to 12 configurable digital/analog inputs
  • Antrim TSO GPS/Iridium antenna with 8130 certificate


Dimensions 125mm x 55mm x 120mm (4.92″ x 2.16″ x 4.72″)
Weight 650g (23oz) depending on configuration
Connectors DB25 (female), DB25 (male), TNC (x2), BNC
Inputs USB, Ethernet, RS232, RS432, RS485, ARINC 429
Sensors GPS, 3 general purpose digital inputs, 2 general purpose analog inputs
Screen Type Monochromatic, NVIS B Compliance
Buttons 16 key backlit silicone keypad
Antennas External GPS, Iridium, Cellular (not included)
Casing/Housing Aluminum 6061
Input Voltage 12V – 32V DC
Power Consumption Up to 750mA
Power Sources External
Satellite Network Iridium Voice, SMS and SBD
Cellular Network Cellular Voice, SMS and Data (with optional 3G modem)
Operating Temperature -40°C to 70°C (-40°F to 158°F)
Operating Environment 75% RH
Other Certifications DO160G


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