Why use Aircraft Brokerage of Texas?

We are glad you asked!  Aircraft Brokerage of Texas (ABT) is your one stop shop to aircraft brokerage.  We are a boutique firm, meaning we are focused on customer experience opposed to number of customers. We provide each of our customers dedicated service and support from our diverse team of professionals with a wide array of both aviation and business backgrounds – all coming together to give you an exceptional experience.

We currently specialize in single engine piston fixed wing and rotorcraft. We also offer services for selling and acquiring light category turbine rotorcraft.   You’ll find that our pricing plans are not only competitive, but also allow custom options on a case-by-case basis. We are determined to provide you the experience and flexibility you need.

In addition to our brokerage services, we have also partnered with SVT Aviation Maintenance LLC., your preferred maintenance center and parts dealer!  Our service doesn’t stop with the sale or acquisition of your aircraft, we also provide superior maintenance, affordable parts, and can provide continued training in your aircraft – we have on staff both helicopter and fixed wing flight instructors.  Selling your aircraft or acquiring your new dream machine has never been easier when you team up with Aircraft Brokerage of Texas.  Let ABT take you to even greater heights!

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At Aircraft Brokerage of Texas (ABT), we take great pride in helping aircraft sellers navigate the market and successfully sell their aircraft.  In fact, our service was born off this concept; however as the market changes and the acquisition of aircraft becomes more complex, there is a vital need for buyer representation. To equally accommodate aircraft buyers, ABT has developed acquisition services that focus on the custom needs of each buyer, as well as incorporate current market trends and extensive research in the complex process of aircraft acquisition.

Buyer representation with ABT lends you not just our experience, but our proven process – a process aimed at protecting you from buying the wrong aircraft at the wrong price.  Don’t navigate the market by yourself, let ABT be your aircraft procurement GPS.


PHASE 1: Understanding our Buyers

Tell us about yourself!  To get you the right aircraft for the right price we need to know more about you!  Our process doesn’t start with pre-buys and test flights, rather we begin with a comprehensive yet efficient process of understanding you.  This helps us determine the perfect search criteria and create your buyer profile.  This is where we learn about your mission, your goals, time frame, aviation experience, and of course your budget.  Before you can build your “dream home,” you must build a strong foundation, buying your dream aircraft is no   different – Phase 1 gives us the foundation we need to make your dreams of aircraft ownership a reality.

PHASE 2: The Search

OK this is the fun part, or is it?  Shuffling though websites, classifieds and other outlets can not only be time consuming, but also lead to countless unanswered phone calls or dead ends.  Utilizing such publications is of course one of our methods, but we also have created a network of aircraft sellers that we work closely with when locating your next aircraft.  We do the research, make the phone calls and send you weekly updates of aircraft, we know your best options.  Looking through the sea of aircraft can be a puzzle, allow us to help you but the pieces in the right spot!

PHASE 3: Pre-Buy and Test Flights

We aren’t just sales men and women at ABT, but a team filled with aviation knowledge, experience and know how!  To insure you are getting the best aircraft for the best price it is crucial you have a team of people that are aviation professionals. We are pilots, A&P’s, inspectors and aircraft flight instructors, putting all these disciplines together during Phase 3 insures you are getting the right aircraft for the right price.  We audit aircraft records, visually inspect all aircraft components including interior and exterior condition and of course put the aircraft through a comprehensive test flight.  This process is imperative in insuring proper value, FAA compliance with all required records and maintenance, and gives our buyers the peace of mind they are getting exactly what they are paying for.  Surprises are great for birthday parties and marriage proposals but have no place when buying an aircraft – Phase 3 insures there’s only clear answers. NO SURPRISES!

PHASE 4: The Sale

We’ve crossed or T’s and dotted our “I’s” it’s now time to sign the dotted line, or is it?   When it comes time to make things official and purchase your dream aircraft, we walk you and the seller through the process making sure everything is done legally.  Making sure that we are complying with all state and federal tax laws, and going through the proper steps outlined by the FAA.  If any questions should arise that we are unsure of we use our network of CPA’s and aviation lawyers to make sure there is no grey area.  The last thing you want is to violate any tax laws and or FAA regulations. Our experience and network of industry professionals makes sure the sale is not only seamless but most importantly in compliance.  Get the peace of mind you need when making your aircraft purchase, don’t put anything to chance, don’t allow a “bad sale” to ground you before you were ever even airborne.

Acquisition Packages

All Acquisition Packages Include:

  • Aircraft locating services, including weekly list of applicable aircraft
  • Calling sellers
  • Negotiating the sales price
  • Access to customer portal: view maintenance status & log discrepancies in real-time
  • Full logbook audit
  • **Connect you with our network of CPA’s and aviation lawyers**
  • **Safety pilot for aircraft ferry, if applicable**

**Denotes other expenses, such as pre-purchase inspection, legal fees, and travel that are the responsibility of the buyer.


Add-On Options:

  • Pre-Purchase Inspection through Sister Company SVT Aviation Maintenance
  • Aircraft Financing Options & Guidance
  • Assistance in Shopping Aircraft Insurance & Finding Your Best Option
  • Continued Training in Your Newly Acquired Aircraft
  • Connecting You With Our Sister Company SVT Aviation Maintenance For All Of Your Maintenance And Aircraft Part Needs

We look forward to represent you in all aspects of locating and purchasing your new aircraft.


Get more information about our acquisition services, packages, or to receive your custom quote.
Call Halsey at 503-869-1352

Aircraft Brokerage of Texas was born to help aircraft owners sell their current aircraft.  Whatever the reason may be, selling your current aircraft can be an extremely daunting process, forget the head-ache and team up with ABT!  
3 “A” Approach:              
·        Appraise – Using our market knowledge ensuring aircraft is appropriately valued      
·        Audit – We will perform a comprehensive review of your aircraft log books      
·        Advertise – Utilize our large network of existing clientele, high volume advertising outlets, and leveraging your ad on social media, making sure your listing is being highly exposed
  Everything included:              
ü              Market breakdown – Provide a detailed report of comparable R44 listings        
ü              Aircraft photos and videos; yours to keep          
ü              Detailed audit of records, including report when completed        
ü             Weekly updates including, but not limited to, potential buyers, showings, and number of calls regarding the listing each week  
ü             We take all phone calls regarding aircraft sale          
Seller Fees              
We offer a flat fee structure consisting of a non-refundable deposit, that is subtracting from the overall flat fee. Remaining cost due upon final sale.  
We use your non-refundable deposit as advertising funds over a 4 month period. Any additional costs incurred beyond 4 months will be the responsibility of aircraft seller - mainly additional advertising.
Commissions can add up quickly, see our chart below.  Even with aircraft valued well below your R44, a 5% commission is still more than our flat rate!  
  $250,000 $300,000 $350,000 $400,000      
5% $12,500 $15,000 $17,500 $20,000      
6% $15,000 $18,000 $21,000 $24,000      
7% $17,500 $21,000 $24,500 $28,000      
8% $20,000 $24,000 $28,000 $32,000      
9% $22,500 $27,000 $31,500 $36,000      
10% $25,000 $30,000 $35,000 $40,000      
We look forward to represent you in all aspects of selling your current aircraft.           
Contact us to find out more details of our seller services and pricing structure.        

Aircraft Brokerage of Texas Team

 Mike Underwood – Co-Owner

  • Airframe and Powerplant License
  • Inspection Authorization
  • (2X) Robinson R22, R44, R66 Factory Maintenance Certified
  • Rolls-Royce M250-C300/A1 (RR300) Engine Maintenance Course
  • CAE Advanced Electrical Troubleshooting Training Course
  • CAE Avionics Troubleshooting Training Course

Mike started his career with Silver State Helicopters in 2006.  After the company shut down in 2008 he went to work on turboprop airplanes for a number of years serving in different types of leadership roles, ending with a position in maintenance control for a freight airline.  He used the knowledge and skills he acquired in these various roles to start SVT Aviation Maintenance and build it into what it is today.

 Halsey Schider-  Co-Owner, Director of Sales

Halsey Schider is our newest addition and with that brings a plethora of aviation knowledge and experience.  By trade Halsey is a Commercial Helicopter pilot; however now brings his understanding of aircraft brokerage to our already elite team.  Halsey brings a diverse knowledge of general aviation, including sales, acquisition, ownership, and of course flying.  Halsey has been involved in aviation since he was 15 years old. In fact, he flew a 1946 Champ by himself prior to getting his driver’s license on his 16th birthday.  Halsey is extremely passionate about aviation and is excited to share that passion with you!  Halsey is tasked with insuring your experience from start to finish is as advertised and has seamless as possible! Click here to speak with Halsey directly now!

Your one-stop-shop for superior quality maintenance, parts, and flight training.

SVT Aviation Maintenance, LLC is an aircraft maintenance facility specializing in maintenance and repair of Robinson Helicopters and general aviation airplanes based in Seguin, Texas. SVT Aviation Maintenance has been in business since June 2013 and is privately owned and operated. Owner, Michael Underwood and his team of skilled aviation experts are dedicated to providing their customers with the best quality and personalized service while staying competitive and keeping safety as their number one priority.

SVT Aviation Maintenance is also a distributor of Jet A Fuel, 100LL Avgas, Helicopter Easy Wheels, Robinson certified parts, as well as general aviation parts.

Contact us to find out more or schedule repair or maintenance for your aircraft today.


Aircraft Brokerage of Texas is excited to announce that we are now in the businesses of leasing Robinson Helicopters.  We currently can offer flexible leasing options for both R22 and R44 aircraft.

Leasing is great for a variety of operations and allow you to get your aviation business off the ground with very little capital.  

We base our lease agreements off your current business needs, this includes, term, monthly minimum and other costs, if applicable.  No two businesses are alike, so our flexible options mean you get what’s best for your business.

All of our leases require a refundable deposit which is paid back at the end of the pre-determined lease term.

  • R22 Beta / Beta II – $4,500
  • R44 Raven I / Raven II – $9,500

Our lease is a Dry Lease so you are financially responsible for:

  • Maintenance – this includes any scheduled (100 HR / Annual) or unscheduled maintenance.  If your operation is in Texas, our sister company SVT Aviation Maintenance can service your leased helicopter at a discounted rate of 15% of current hourly shop rate.
  • Parts – We can drop ship parts to your location and offer discounted pricing.
  • Fuel – For Texas based operators we can sell you bulk fuel at decreased rate
  • Pilot
  • Insurance (Must be a US based company)
  • Hangar – We require our leased aircraft to be kept under cover or hangared.

We Cover:

  • Over-haul reserve
  • AD / SB compliance


Contact us to find out more about leasing a helicopter for your business needs.

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