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YOM June 2017
Total Time 657 hours/1,443 landings
Configuration VIP
Engine PW210A x2Engine 1 TT 619 hours
Engine 1 cycles 1,399 IMP/1,607 CT/2,026 PT
Engine 2 TT 657 hours
Engine 2 cycles 2,200 IMP/1,650 CT/2,047 PT
Flight rule SP/DP IFR/VFR
Registration CASA
Crew/passengers 2 crew/7 (4+3) passengers
Empty weight 3,610 kgs
MTOW 4,800 kgs


•Leonardo preowned warranty 6 months/500 hours
•Avionics phase 7 upgrade upon SB release
•Entertainment and cabin management system
•Full active comfort enhancer VIP
•Enhanced soundproofing, air conditioning, electrical steps
•Extra compartment behind fwd facing seats and extended booth for golf clubs •Emergency floats fixed parts •Brand new main rotor blade


•Enhanced vision system MaxViz EVS 1500
•TCAS II Rockwell Collins TCAS-4100
•Moving map
•Weather radar RTA-4112 Multiscan
•ADS-B out
•Flight data monitoring system
•Syntethic vision system
•Radar altimeter x2
•Solid state CVFDR with ULB
•ELT 3 frequencies fixed
•Rockwell Collins display units 10” X 8” colour AMLCD
with LED backlight and NVIS compatibility: PFD x2 & MFD
•Standby magnetic compass
•Clock x2
•VHF/AM x2
•Transponder mode S
•4 axis AFCS


•Emergency floats fixed parts
•Baggage compartment extension
•Fuel transfer pump
•Lockable fuel cap
•Engine compressor washing
•Strobe lights
•External video camera
•Main rotor blades high visibility painting
•Co-pilot hinged window (storm window)
•Ipad/Chart holders with lights for pilot and co-pilot with USB
power outlet included
•VIP cockpit customization
•Storage compartment for manuals
•Retractable landing gear
•One cockpit and one cabin fire extinguisher
•Cockpit compartment utility finishing interior
•Cockpit panel sun-glare shields
•Crew crashworthy adjustable seats with inertial reels and
separate 5 points safety belts
•28V DC/10A cockpit/cabin utility power socket
•Anti-collision light
•Retractable swiveling landing/taxing lights x2
•External emergency lights x2
•External lights NVG friendly


•Helicopter Comfort Package:
•Environmental control system dual zone air conditioning
•Full active comfort enhancer VIP

VIP Interior with rear cabinet:
•Extended cabin VIP composite liners leather/leatherette covered with enhanced soundproofing
•Cabin ambient mood multicolor LED lights, white LED reading light
•Cabinet in the rear cabin bay
•Rear cabin windows left and right
•Coat hooks x4
•Inter-communication system for all passengers
•Entertainment and cabin management system including a fixed touch screen panel for lighting system and ECS control
•Powered window for separation wall

VIP Layout "Diamond 4+3":
•Comfortable VIP seat leather covered sliding and with reclinable backrest SOFA style Aft facing x4
•Armchairs leather covered sliding and with reclinable backrest fwd facing x3
•Hinged passengers doors in lieu of sliding doors
•Passenger cabin thermo acoustic double layer transparent windows (hinged doors’ windows excluded)
•Electrical operated cabin dual step RH+LH in lieu of standard step
•Electrical “limo” window for separation wall in lieu of std window


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