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YOM 2020
Total Time 180 hours
Configuration VIP
Engine PW207C x2
Flight rules SP IFR

Crew/passengers 2 crew/6 passengers
Engine 1 TT 180 hours
Engine 2 TT 180 hours
MTOW 3,175 kgs




•Extended original Leonardo warranty
2000 hrs/4 years exipiring on 24/11/2024
•8.4" cockpit central display
•Digital map Euronav VII Euroavionics
•ADS-B out capable Transponder TDR-94 Collins
•TAS-620 Avydine
Weather radar RDR 2000 Bendix/King
•EVS-2300 Max-Viz
•4-axis dual duplex digital AFCS
•Electrically operated passenger step LH
•213 US gal crash-resistant fuel system
Air conditioning ECS
Super silent soundproofing



8.4" cockpit central display
•Digital map Euronav VII Euroavionics interfaced to
FMS presented on 8.4" display
•ADS-B out capable Transponder TDR-94 Collins
•Traffic Advisory System TAS-620 Avydine presented on EFIS
Weather radar RDR 2000 Bendix/King presented on EFIS
Enhanced vision system EVS-2300 Max-Viz
•EFIS 2 displays with embedded FMS, SVS, HTAWS slip indicator and RBP x2
Reversionary Control Panel
•EFIS pilot/co-pilot navigation synchronization switch FMS data
•Electronic standby instrument system
•Radio Management System RTU-4210 Collins x2

VHF/AM VHF-4000E Collins x2
•VOR/ILS NAV-4500 Collins
•VOR/ILS/ADF NAV-4000 Collins
•DME DME-4000 Collins
•Radio altimeter ALT-4000 Collins
•AHRS x2
•Air data unit x2
•GPS/SBAS Chelton interfaced to EFIS/FMS x2
•Digital audio control system COBHAM x2
•4-axis dual duplex digital AFCS with integrated flight director
•Electronic clock x2
•Magnetic compass indicator x2
•Magnetic sensor unit
•ELT C406-N HM Artex with navigation interface module embedded



Electrically operated passenger step LH
•Cockpit access handle LH and RH
•213 US gal crash-resistant fuel system
•Baggage compartment extension 2.3 m
•Strobe lights on horizontal stabilizer
•24 V DC 33 Ah nickel-cadmium battery 20 cells
•Air conditioning ECS
•Primer finished cabin walls
•Airframe hour meter
•Engine compartment fire extinguishers x2
•Fuel cap with key-lock
•Pulsed chip detectors
•Reinforced windshields
•Retractable/rotating landing light nose mounted
•Rotor brake
•Pilot and copilot windshield wipers with wiper switch on cyclic grips
•Dual controls
•Baggage compartment lights
•Crash-resistant co-pilot seat, fore and aft adjustable,
with lap belts and headrest

•Crew open door actuators
•First aid kit
•Fuel drain electrical valves
•Portable fire extinguisher
•Crew shoulder harness with inertial reels
•Tail boom strake
•Master warning lights x2
•Master caution lights x2
•Warning, caution and advisory messages on IDS display
•Aural warning generator system
•Engine fire detection system
•Exceedance recorder system on IDS display
•Cabin warning horn
•Position lights
•Taxing lights RH and LH and landing lights RH and LH
on landing gear sponsons x2
•Anti collision lights x2
•Cockpit utility lights x2
•Instrument lights with dimming switch

Passenger cabin

•All seats crash-resistant covered with leather
•3 fwd facing seats with foldable armrest and glass
•3 aft facing seats with see-through modification and
with foldable armrest and glass holder
•4-point shoulder harness with inertial reels and safety
belts for all passenger seats
•Super silent soundproofing
•Liners leather/leatherette covered
•Cabin double layer acrylic windows azure coloured
•Decoration trim with metal inserts
•Intercommunication system for passengers
•Cabin loudspeakers x2
•Reading lights, emergency lights, floor courtesy lights
•Upper and lower air vents
•Floor carpeting
•Carpeting protection


Cockpit equipment

•Interseat console tray with 12 V power supply
•Multipurpose holder with space provision for fire
•Right door pocket
•Headset hooks x2
•Cyclic and collective leather gators
•Curtains in cockpit on upper windows
•Pilot/Copilot floor carpet

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