2021 Leonardo AW169 Utility

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YOM July 2021
Total time 46 hours/70 landings
Configuration Utility
Engine PW210A x2
Registration FAA
Flight rules SP/DP IFR
Engine 1 TT 46 hours/70 cycles
Engine 2 TT 46 hours/70 cycles
Empty weight 3,205 kgs
MTOW 4,800 kgs
Avionics phase 5


•Original warranty 3 years/2,000 hours valid
till Oct. 21st 2024
•Four axis AFCS, Solid state CVFDR, ADS-B out
•Weather radar RTA-4112 MultiScan
•MaxViz EVS-2300 dual band (IR and visible)
•Cockpit NVG lighting compatibility
•Super Nightscanner searchlight provisions
•Single rescue hoist Goodrich provisions
•ECS air conditioning
•Maritime and corrosion protection
•Utility soundproofing, Cable cutter


•Rockwell display units (2 PFD and 1 MFD) 10’’x8’’ colour
AMLCD with LED backlighting and NVIS compatibility
•Integrated standby instrument system
•Display control panel x2
•Cursor control device x2
•Reversionary control panel
•Display dimming panel
•Master caution light x2
•Master warning light x2
•Avionics full duplex ethernet switch x2
•Aircraft monitoring and managing computer x2
•Data transfer device
•Touch screen panel x2
•Four axis AFCS
•VHF-AM radio x2
•NAV VOR/ILS/MB receiver x2
•Transponder with enhanced surveillance mode S
•Interphone communication system
•ADI with own battery
•Flux valve x2
•Air data and AHRS x2
•Radar altimeter x2
•Clock integrated in display x2
•Standby magnetic compass
•Solid state CVFDR with provision for image recording and
90 days ULB battery
•ELT 3 frequencies
•ADS-B out
•Flight data monitoring
•Synthetic vision system
•RNP approach with LPV/LP minima
•’’RNP 0.3 navigation in all phase of flight’’ FMS capability
•Moving map
•Weather radar Rockwell Collins RTA-4112 MultiScan
•MaxViz EVS-2300 dual band (IR and visible)
•Cockpit NVG lighting compatibility
•TDFM 9100


•One heavy duty battery 44 Ah
•Auxiliary battery 33 Ah
•Retractable swivelling landing/taxiing light x2
•External lights NVG friendly
•Cockpit compartment utility finishing interior
•Cockpit panel sun-glare shields
•Crew crashworthy adjustable seats
•28 V DC/10 A cockpit/cabin utility power socket
•Baggage compartment utility finishing interior tail
•Baggage smoke sensor
•Cockpit door pockets
•Crew headset holder
•Cockpit access handle
•Steps for cockpit and cabin access
•Rotor brake system
•Overhead cockpit windows sun shades
•First aid kit
•One cockpit and one cabin fire extinguisher
•USB interseat console socket
•Maritime and corrosion protection
•Utility rigid liners
•Passenger cabin ambient LED lights
•PSU with reading lights and ventilation outlets
•Passenger advisory lights
•Passenger addressing loudspeaker
•ICS configuration EMS 235 (2 control panels, 2 crew
headset plugs and 5 passenger headset plugs)
•Utility soundproofing
•Ceiling tracks
•EMS standard electrical system – US type outlets
•Patient lights
•Multirole floor (EMS)
•Internal vertical tracks and grab handles
•ECS air conditioning
•Soft separation wall quick removable NVG compatible
•Copilot hinged window
•Approach plates chart holders with lights for pilots
•Single rescue hoist Goodrich provisions
•Strobe lights
•OEI fuel transfer system
•Cable cutter
•Camera on the tail fin HD
•Door area lights
•Scene lights
•Main rotor beanie
•Main rotor blade high visibility painting
•Super Nightscanner searchlight provisions

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