EC135T3 Corporate/EMS 2001

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YOM 2001
Total Time 6,584 Hours/30,998
Landings Configuration
EMS or corporate
Engine 2x ARRIUS 2B2
Registration EASA
Crew/EMS config. 2 crew/2 seats + 1 stretcher
Crew/passengers 2 crew/5 passengers
Engine 1 TT 7,296 hours
Engine 1 cycles 426 NG/1,149 NF
Engine 2 TT 2,669 hours
Engine 2 cycles 422 NG/1,144 NF
Empty weight 1,792.9 kgs


•Upgrade from T1 to T3
•Engines under SBH
•Cargo hook provisions
•Cargo mirror provisions
•Bleed air heating
•AAT EMS equipment


•DAFCS for single & dual pilot
•3 Axis – Autopilot
•Chelton Wulfsberg VOR / ILS / MKR NAVS
•Chelton Wulfsberg DMS – 44A DME
•Chelton Wulfsberg DFS – 43 A
•Chelton Wulfsberg control unit CD-432B ADF
•Chelton Wulfsberg VCS-40 A
•Chelton Wulfsberg control unit CD-402B
•GPS NAV system 2101
•Honeywell transponder mode S MST 67 A
•Honeywell PS 578A control unit NVG
•Honeywell KNI 416 radar altimeter
•Goodrich A1 804 DC standby horizon
•Dukane Beacon DK 100
•ARTEX C 406 – 2 HM
•UMS – Helisafe
•ASCOM – FM-2 Tactical Radio


•Sliding window in pilot & copilot door
•Door fastener max position LH
•Windows in both clam-shell doors LH & RH
•Extended door Opening rear clam-shell doors
•Strobe lights (white flash lights)
•Mid height landing skids
•Pitch/roll SAS
•Sound proofing kit
•Mast moment indication
•Rotor brake system
•Bleed air heating system: EMS version
•Windshield wiper system
•LED landinglight
•Searchlight 450 W
•Engine fire extinguishing system
•Optical tracker
•Battery type VARTA 40 V Battery
•Settling protectors
•Cargo hook provisions
•Mirror provisions
•Pilot & copilot jettisonable doors
•Multifunction handle on the MGB cowling
•AAT EMS equipment

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