EC225 EMS/Utility 2010

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YOM 2010
Total Time 5,855 hours/9,431 landings
Configuration EMS/Utility
Engine 2x Makila 2A1
Registration EASA
Crew/passengers 2 crew/19 passengers
Engine 1 TT 3,980 hours
Engine 2 TT 4,236 hours
Empty weight 6,817 kgs
MTOW 11,000 kg


•Airworthy and fully serviceable
•Under SBH and PBH
•Rescue hoist full installation
•Emergency floats
•Cargo hook fixed parts
•Auxiliary fuel tanks in sponsons
•Forward aux fuel tanks
•EMS stretcher with base (optional)
•ISAT 100


•Autopilot APM 2010
•ISAT 100
•VHF 422A Collins x2
•GPS CMA3024 Canadian Marconi
•Marine dual frequency homer VHF/FM 121.5
•Weather radar RDR1600
•TDR-94D ATC mode S transponder
•TCAS HP899 Goodrich
•ADF 462 Collins
•DME 442 Collins
•VIR 432 VOR/ILS/MKR Collins x2
•Radio altimeter
•Data recorder DTU•HR Smith series 503 ADELT
•ELT Kannad 406AP
•Aircraft management computer
•FMS CMA 9000 Canadian Marconi
•Team 31 basic set x3
•Team 31 complementary 4th set
•Baker M1060 passenger address
•ADF 462 #2 Collins capabilities
•Loudhailer Powersonics PSAIR-22
•EVS Lexacia LFX2010


•Set of EMS rack
•Oxygen supply kit
•SAR Box
•EMS stretcher with base (optional)
•Rescue hoist fixed parts
•Auxiliary fuel tank
•Pressure refuelling
•Life raft
•Emergency floats
•Cargo hook fixed parts
•Air conditioning system
•Flashlights x2
•Hand held fire extinguisher x3
•Sea anchor capabilities
•Landing light x2
•Soderberg anticollision light belly mounted
•Hella anticollision strobe light system
•Lashing rings for main landing gear capabilities
•Naval mooring
•Hydro electric group
•Goodrich icing severity indicator
•De-iced cockpit center pane with wiper
•Cabin floor for crashworty seats
•Enlarged cabin grey tinted windows
•First aid kit
•External mirrors fixed parts
•Front fuel external tanks

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