Bell 407GX Corporate/Utility 2014

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Bell 407GX-2014-RT(USA)-1195
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YOM July 2014
Total Time 1,202 hours/3,769 landings
Configuration Corporate/Utility
Engine RR250-C47B
Crew/passengers 1 crew/6 passengers
Engine TT 1,202 hours
Engine cycles 761 cycles
Empty weight 1,328 kgs


•Annual and 24 months inspection done in September 2022
•Cargo hook provisions
•High skids
•Dual sontrols
•Litter provisions
•Inlet barrier filter


•Standby compass
•GDU 1040H PFD & MFD
•Engine signal processing GEA71H
•Air data GDC74H •Oat probe GTP59
•Magnetometer MGU-44
•VHF radio GIA36H
•Audio panel pilot GMA350H
•Transponder GTX33H
•ELT C406-1HM
•ICS 5 stations


•Cargo hook provisions (hard point on belly and cargo release on cyclic)
Rotor brake
•Egress tool •WSPS cutters
•Battery 28 Ah
•High skid gear
•Aux fuel tank provisions
•Main rotor, frahm/cover
•Tail rotor camera
•Sliding windows
•Litter provisions
•Dual controls
•Power plus
•Engine IBF
•Crew, passenger and baggage door opener
•FliteSteps •Heater dual outlet
•Engine compartment bleed air system
•Chin bubble defog
•Baggage edge and compartment protector
•First aid kit •Anticollision light
•Landing/taxi light x2
•Map (utility) light

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