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Marium - 8

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What’s In There For Panhwar Jet Customers?

1.Zero Emissions
2.Range 3,450 Miles
3.Quieter and Faster
4.65% less maintenance cost
5.90% less operating cost (only $25/hr)
6.Futuristic and luxury business jet for business owners, senior executives and charter companies

Fly from Los Angeles to New York Without Touching Down

Here is the best part, hourly cost is less than your large SUV fuel cost and it generates zero emissions. Panhwar Jet is truly
run on green technology.


Passenger 8
Payload 2200lbs
MTOW 9500lbs / 4309kgs′


Range 2600 nm (+45 min reserve
Max Cruise Speed 300 ktas
Max Operating Altitude Max 30,000 ft


Battery 600 kwh
Battery Type LiFePO4
Battery Weight 4800 lbs (45% MTOW)


Cabin Width 1.95 m / 4.3 ft
Cabin Height 1.75 m / 5.74 ft
Cabin Length 6.5 m / 14.33 ft


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