Bombardier claims first for revealing environmental impacts

Bombardier has added Environmental Product Declarations for its Challenger 650 jet to complete declarations for its whole business jet portfolio.

Bombardier is claiming to be the first business jet manufacturer to reveal the environmental impact of its portfolio, after providing public access to the footprint of all in-production aircraft.

The manufacturer’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are a key part of its strategy to contribute to more sustainable aerospace industry, delivered a year ahead of schedule, it said. “Challenger 650 aircraft joins Bombardier’s Challenger 3500Global 5500Global 6500 and Global 7500 aircraft as the only business jets in the world to carry an EPD,” according to Bombardier. The declarations enable the company and its partners to mitigate the environmental footprint of their products, it said.

But the initiative is not designed to deliver direct commercial advantage. “The role of EPDs is not to stamp our aircraft as more sustainable than others, rather to take ownership of the environmental impact they generate,” said Jean-Christophe Gallagher, executive vice president, Aircraft Sales & Bombardier Defense, Bombardier.

Environmental reports can be consulted like any other specification document, he added. “The same way we provide factual information about the unmatched width of the Challenger 650 aircraft’s cabin in its category or its leading dispatch reliability, Bombardier [now] publicly provides factual information on the environmental impact of its business jets.”

The EPDs can also be used as a reference guide to target improvement areas in the short- or medium-terms, he added. Environmental details on display include: aircraft CO2 emissions generated at each step of the value chain from raw material extraction until aircraft end-of-life.

Bombardier started this scientific analysis during the development of its Global 7500. The aircraft became the first business jet to receive a third-party verified EPD in 2020. Bombardier published a self-declared EPD for its Challenger 3500 aircraft in 2022, for its Global 5500 and Global 6500 aircraft in 2023, and now its Challenger 650 jet.

Meanwhile, read full details of all Bombardier’s business jets EPDs on the company’s website.

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