Boom Supersonic to buy 5m gallons of SAF a year from Dimensional Energy

Boom Supersonic has signed an agreement to purchase 5m gallons of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) annually from Dimensional Energy for its Overture flight test programme.

Overture is Boom’s supersonic airliner that the company claims will fly at speeds twice as fast as today’s commercial jets on 100% SAF. With the new purchase agreement of Dimensional Energy’s SAF, produced using carbon capture technology, Kathy Savitt, president and chief business officer, Boom Supersonic said the firm is fully committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions.

At Boom, we believe Sustainable Aviation Fuel will be essential to the transformation of air travel,” said Savitt. “Our new collaboration with Dimensional Energy represents another important step to making sustainable supersonic flight a reality for millions of passengers in the coming years.”

Dimensional Energy combines its own carbon capture process and the Fischer-Tropsch process to produce SAF at its technology centre in Tucson, Arizona. It uses CO2 emissions to produce the hydrocarbon molecules needed for a circular carbon economy, which is then used as the feedstock for fuel.

“Boom and Dimensional Energy share a vision for the future of sustainable aviation,” said Jason Salfi, CEO and co-founder, Dimensional Energy. “Overture has the potential to completely transform how we experience the world and we are excited to play a critical role in its net zero flight test programme, and beyond.”

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