Flewber Global Purchases First Cirrus Vision Jet “for Flewber Hops Personal Air Mobility Service”

Cirrus Vision Jet - Flewber Hops Photo

Flewber Global Inc. announced this week, the acquisition of its first Cirrus Vision Jet for an up and coming Flewber Hops personal air mobility service, reports a press release. An innovator in local and regional air taxi operations, the company is bringing the convenience of ride-hailing from the street to the sky, marking a significant step forward in Flewber’s mission “to revolutionise air travel by offering local on-demand, per-seat Hops air taxis and whole aircraft regional Hops air mobility services,” says the release.

Flewber aims, initially, to introduce its per-seat Hops air taxi service in the New York Metro area, offering passengers a swift and easy escape from traffic congestion as they fly between key business and recreational destinations.

Additionally, Flewber Hops will provide customers “with the flexibility to fly on-demand to and from regional destinations within 155 miles of the company’s central hubs in New York,” before eVTOL aircraft become available for such short distance air travel, likely positioning Flewber “with an early entry advantage into this market.”

Marc Sellouk, Founder and CEO of Flewber, commented, “We are thrilled to add the Cirrus Vision Jet to our fleet. This aircraft is the perfect embodiment of our vision for Flewber Hops. It’s safe, efficient, sustainable and technologically advanced, making it ideal for providing our customers, with a seamless and personalised travel experience.”

Team Flewber

By using underutilised local airports, Flewber aims “to revolutionise travel for both business and leisure travelers, offering a convenient and timesaving new way to get around.” 

Sellouk continued, “We believe Flewber Hops has the potential to transform the way people travel. Our goal is to make local and regional Personal Air Mobility (PAM) a more accessible and affordable alternative to crowded airports, roads and rail lines, while still providing our customers with the same level of convenience they expect.”

Todd Simmons, President of Customer Experience of Cirrus Aircraft, remarked,“Our Vision Jet is an excellent regional mission aircraft with best-in-class efficiency and industry-leading safety systems such as the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System and Safe Return Autoland. Along with leading-edge cabin comfort and passenger amenities, the Jet is the ideal platform for the innovative new Flewber Hops personal transportation model.”

Flewber Hops flights will be available for booking through the company’s mobile app.

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