Priester Aviation and Mayo Aviation renews ACSF registry

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) has recently reregistered Priester Aviation and Mayo Aviation to its Industry Audit Standard (IAS) Registry. The ACSF’s audit is a detailed gap analysis of an operator’s management practices.

ACSF’s thorough audit helps organisations measure best practices, explained Bryan Burns, President of the Standard requires standards far above the minimum safety requirements,” Burns said. “As such, it has led the industry in setting high-performing safety standards and has consistently increased the audit’s safety performance evidence since its inception in 2009.”

Burns continued: “Adding to my delight with congratulating Priester and Mayo Aviation companies on their IAS renewal is the fact that both Andy Priester and Bill Mayo are founding members of the ACSF—something we’re all extremely proud of.”

Two years ago, the ACSF added new requirements to the Industry Audit Standard that evaluate an operator’s compliance with FAR 14 CFR Part 5 SMS standards and ICAO Annex 19 safety management.

President Brent Moldowan of Mayo Aviation, an Englewood, Colorado-based aviation company, is pleased that his company has surpassed regulatory standards and maintained the ACSF’s rigorous auditing standards for the seventh time since 2010. “Mayo is proud of our partnership with the ACSF and this achievement of the very rigorous IAS requirement. I think our long-standing commitment to the ACSF mission and the high standards that the organization demands speak for themselves. We’re happy to publicize this validation to make our customers aware of how critically important we consider adhering to the highest safety standards.”

Andy Priester, Chairman and CEO of Priester Aviation and Mayo Aviation, echoed Moldowan’s comments. “It just confirms how very serious our two companies are at creating a culture of safety, and achieving the absolute highest levels of it. And we know from long experience that the ACSF and its IAS represent the pinnacle of safety commitment.”

To view a list of aviation operators that are on the ACSF Industry Audit Standard Registry, visit: And, to learn more about completing ACSF’s Industry Audit Standard, visit

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