SD unveils expanded plans for Viasat’s Jet ConneX

Satcom Direct (SD) has an expanded range of service plans for Viasat’s Jet ConneX inflight broadband service, it announced at NBAA-BACE.

The new plans will be made exclusively available to SD operators, equipping their aircraft with the SD Plane Simple Ka-band tail mount terminal. The option also includes the first-ever ‘power by the hour’ option for Jet ConneX. The new service plans will enter commercial service once regulatory certification is confirmed, which is anticipated for early 2024.

The terminal, purpose-built for business aviation, consists of two line-replaceable units (LRUs). A tail mount antenna with a reduced footprint and the SD Modem Unit. SD said it and Viasat are making more powerful Ka-band connectivity available for more aircraft sizes than ever before.

Chris Moore, SD President said: “Our goal is to ensure our business aviation customers can benefit from consistent, reliable service. Our Plane Simple Ka-band technology, combined with the new plans and our industry-leading customer support, adds further value to our offering. Customers require flexibility and consistency, and together with Viasat, we are committed to delivering a superior service that aligns with diverse operational budgets and individual customer demands.”

Satcom Direct and Viasat have also confirmed that the SD Plane Simple Ka-band terminal will connect immediately with the GX satellite constellation. Plus, it will be upgradable to Viasat’s full Ka-band network, including the ViaSat-3 satellites and next generation GX satellites as they come online.

Kai Tang, head of Business Aviation, Viasat, added: “Our continued joint innovation with Satcom Direct delivers seamless, global connectivity solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations.  With the strength of our next-generation satellite network and the advanced hardware technology of our partner, we can continue to provide exceptional connectivity experiences for business aviation passengers.”

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