Signature partners with Lavazza to elevate the coffee experience

Signature Aviation and Lavazza coffee

Signature Aviation announces a partnership with Lavazza, the world-renowned coffee brand. The collaboration will bring the exceptional taste and quality of Lavazza’s coffee to over 150 Signature Aviation locations in the United States for an initial rollout this autumn. Today is National Coffee Day in the USA and Canada.

The new partnership with Lavazza marks a significant milestone in Signature Aviation’s commitment to delivering a consistent and exceptional experience across its extensive network of private aviation terminals. By introducing Lavazza across its U.S. network, Signature Aviation aims to create a familiar and premium coffee  brand and experience for their travellers from terminal to terminal, matching the elevated service standards travellers have come to expect while visiting a Signature location.

“Signature Aviation is passionate about consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience, and we’re always looking for opportunities to further elevate this experience.” Shared Derek DeCross, Chief Commercial Officer for Signature Aviation. “As one key step, we sought to reimagine our coffee program from the ground up with new technology and a world-renowned partner such as Lavazza. Together, we’re bringing a unique offering to private aviation, with excellence and precision in every cup.”

Earlier this year, Signature Aviation began an initial reimagining of its network coffee program with the installation of new, high-end machines at every location. These bean-to-cup machines will ensure that every cup of Lavazza coffee served will be prepared to perfection, following Lavazza’s exacting standards for taste and consistency.

As part of this collaboration, Signature Aviation will offer two distinct Lavazza coffee roasts to its customers: Gran Riserva, a rich and bold dark roast, and Gold Selection, a smooth and inviting light roast. Both options will be available in whole bean format. In addition, Signature Aviation will provide Lavazza’s Gran Riserva coffee for aircraft service and pilots. Decaffeinated coffee options will also be available upon request.

The partnership between Signature Aviation and Lavazza promises to set a new industry standard for coffee excellence at private aviation terminals, and this initial rollout will be followed by an expansion to all of Signature’s global locations in the near future.

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