EHang EH216-S completes debut flight in Abu Dhabi

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EHang Holdings Limited announced that its EH216-S pilotless electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft successfully completed its first autonomous eVTOL flight at DRIFTx event in Abu Dhabi on April 25, 2024, setting its first flight footprint in this state.

Amidst the UAE’s fervent drive to advance air transportation, the inaugural DRIFTx event was hosted in Abu Dhabi, spotlighting innovative transportation technology.

EH216-S took center stage during the event, conducting a series of autonomous demo flights, capturing the attention of Emirati royalty, civil aviation authorities, government officials, media representatives, and a multitude of local spectators, offering them a firsthand glimpse into the technological marvels of urban air mobility.

As the world’s first certified passenger-carrying pilotless eVTOL aircraft, the EH216-S reaffirmed its position as the global leader in the UAM sector.

EHang participated in the event with its EH216 series pilotless eVTOL aircraft and, for the first time overseas, showcased the long-range lift-and-cruise aircraft VT-30, underscoring pivotal use cases in air mobility.

The EH216 series comprises of: (i) the EH216-S, for intra-city passenger transportation, aerial sightseeing, air taxi service, which obtained the world’s first type certificate, production certificate and standard airworthiness certificate for passenger-carrying pilotless eVTOL aircraft issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China; (ii) the EH216-L, for heavy-duty aerial logistics operations; and (iii) the EH216-F, for high-rise building firefighting.  

Amidst the sweeping global trend towards urban air mobility, EHang introduced its VT-30, a long-range, lift-and-cruise aircraft, marking its inaugural overseas showcase in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Boasting a two-seater lift-and-cruise configuration and a 300km designed flight range, the VT-30 adheres to the pilotless, pure electric, cluster management design principle. It is specifically engineered to complement the EH216, which targets intra-city air mobility, thereby enhancing the low-altitude transportation network and fostering the development of the UAM ecosystem.

Supported by Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) and Smart and Autonomous Vehicle Industries (SAVI) cluster, Abu Dhabi’s inaugural DRIFTx is an international platform and exhibition to showcase the latest in advanced urban mobility applications across air, land, and sea. EHang’s chief financial officer, Conor Yang, was invited to the panel on “eVTOL and Low Altitude Economy in the UAE and Middle East and North Africa (MENA)”, where he delved into EHang’s pioneering accomplishments in the realm of urban air mobility.

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EHang continues to solidify its presence in the UAE. During the DRIFTx event, EHang reached strategic collaboration with ADIO and the leading fintech group in the MENA region Multi Level Group, a subsidiary of EIH Ethmar International Holding (EIH), to drive eVTOL development in the UAE and beyond. In a landmark move in December 2023, EHang became a member of the SAVI Cluster in Abu Dhabi, led by the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development and the ADIO.

Moreover, EHang has also established a strategic partnership with Wings Logistics Hub, the technology arm of EIH, to facilitate local certification and operations of the EH216 series eVTOL aircraft in the UAE.

Under this partnership, Wings Logistics Hub intends to purchase up to 100 units of EHang’s EH216 series eVTOL aircraft, demonstrating a strong commitment to integrating advanced aerial transportation solutions into the region’s infrastructure.

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