Georgia DOT announces findings from AAM study

Georgia DOT

The Georgia Department of Transportation (DOT) has completed a study on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), reports a press release. 

The organisation has published a 20 page ‘Blueprint for AAM’, which provides “actionable initiatives that can be used to integrate AAM into Georgia’s transportation system,” explains the inquiry. “This roadmap outlines a clear path and position towards achieving the State’s Advanced Air Mobility goals.” 

Given the rapid development of the AAM industry and its movement toward deployment, Georgia DOT embarked on this comprehensive research to ensure the safety of the public and property; understand the basic needs of an AAM operator; assess where those operations would likely first appear; identify the gaps in infrastructure; strategically plan for new entrants; and assist with public acceptance of a new mode of transportation. 

This holistic study explores a vast array of information from manufacturing to deployment, including a special focus given to local governments.

Please View AAM Study Blueprint and Action Plan

Clement Solomon, Ph.D., Intermodal Division Director with Georgia DOT, commented, “This study will guide the implementation of the next generation of aviation and ensure Georgia is positioned as a leader in the industry.”

The research focused on four main tasks:-

: An assessment of AAM activities and its potential in Georgia.

: An inventory of the State’s potential Advanced Air Mobility aircraft landing areas (vertiports) and evaluation of airport charging needs and capabilities.

: A community guidebook to help local governments as they are approached by AAM providers.

: A statewide AAM action plan.

The release explains, “The study was conducted through a panel with the engagement of key stakeholders, who formed the working group. Members of the group included state and local government officials as well as representatives from the industry, airports and academia. The group provided input and feedback on the Advanced Air Mobility research deliverables to ensure all aspects of this emerging innovation are considered.”

For example, chapter 5 of the publication focuses on Georgia’s outreach for AAM, highlighting the state’s existing aerospace and electric infrastructure industry, academia and other initiatives.

The release continues, “Advanced Air Mobility is emerging as an innovative mobility solution in the aviation industry. It entails newly-designed aircraft flying at altitudes between 1,500–4,000 ft and covering distances between 25 to 250 miles. AAM encompasses use cases for passenger and cargo operations in urban, suburban and rural settings traditionally underserved by aviation.”

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