VI&E Solutions signs MOU with TruWeather Solutions

Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with TruWeather Solutions to focus on vertiport placement, design, and construction, and the inherent weather infrastructure and weather services needed for vertiport operations to be conducted safely and efficiently.

The agreement includes a commercial relationship to provide joint expert consultation and product delivery in the areas of eVTOL infrastructure and weather.

“Don and his team are dedicated to providing eVTOL operators with the highest resolution

weather data to reduce uncertainties which then improves both financial sustainability for vertiports and

flight safety for passengers,” said Dan Sloat, VI&E Solutions CEO.

“We are particularly proud to partner with such passionate professionals.”

“For advanced air mobility to thrive, aircraft must have access to more precise microclimate

data, enabling enhanced flight planning, effective risk management and informed in-flight decision-

making,” said Don Berchoff, TruWeather Solutions CEO and co-founder.

“TruWeather has a formula for detailed design and deployment of weather sensing infrastructure to monitor wind and weather conditions and contribute to safer, more efficient vertiport operations. We are happy to partner with VI&E Solutions to implement a shared vision of building sustainable solutions.”

TruWeather Solutions is a provider of comprehensive low altitude weather solutions to improve safety and efficiency in the scaling drone and air taxi industries. A key component of TruWeather’s solution is in supplying leading-edge micro weather measurements by leveraging advanced technologies to collect, process and analyze weather data at highly localized levels.

They are advocates of the best weather sensing technologies world-wide and driven to accelerate the commercialization of novel weather sensor solutions. These technologies provide unmatched low altitude weather intelligence and enable stakeholders to expedite BVLOS waivers. TruWeather also leads the ASTM F38 Weather Standard, which will open the door for novel weather measurements in support of flight control decisions.

Founded in 2021, Volatus Infrastructure & Energy Solutions is connecting communities with

eVTOL infrastructure technology. VI&E Solutions offers three modular vertiport designs and charging stations for electric vehicles across air, land, and sea. By tailoring to specific customer needs and incorporating the latest technologies, their work positively impacts clients and the communities they serve globally.

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