Data Stream for Engine Cycle Counter

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An innovative and cost effective optional data retrieval system designed to be used in conjunction with the AKV Engine Cycle Counter. Operators can now seamlessly transfer all data to an office PC for viewing and printing.

  • Seamless transfer of accurate operational data
  • Easily store all data on your PC
  • Reduce unnecessary paperwork
  • Eliminate written errors
  • Transfers data including:
    • - Ng & Np engine cycle counts
    • - Ng max
    • - Ng & Np engine start totals
    • - Engine start counter
    • - Ng & Np operation/excursions counter
    • - Flight operating timer
    • - Engine run timer
    • - Flight report number

Download product information. (AKV_AS350_2014_DS.pdf, 1,105 Kb) [Download]

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