Dual Tachometer Indicator

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AS350DT-608-10014, AS350DT-608-30014
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The Dual Tachometer Nr/Np Indicator is designed to replace the OEM rotor only indicator in the Eurocopter AS350B and BA powered with the Arriel 1 engine. It is also designed as a direct replacement for the OEM Dual Tachometer Nr/Np Indictator in the AS350B1 and B2 powered with the Arriel 1 engine.

For the AS350B and BA, the indictator comes as a kit which includes the airframe wire harness adaptor. In the AS350 B1 and B2 it is a plug in alternate replacement for the OEM Nr/Np indicator.

NOTE: Advise A/C model and engine when ordering.


Download product information. (AKV_AS350_DTI.pdf, 632 Kb) [Download]

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