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AB6 JetQuad Drone

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An unmanned, scaled-down version of the Harrier Jump-Jet.

JetQuad is a drone, also known as UAV or UAS . However, the JetQuad relies on new type of propulsion - it is not a quadcopter, nor a helicopter, nor an airplane. Four microturbine jet-engines produce a combined 200-Horsepower at full throttle and are all coupled with proprietary Thrust Vectoring Systems. We refer  to this design as the "H-Configuration" - this is the first ever configuration in which the jet-engines alone provide the power for both vertical and horizontal flight as well as complete attitude control of the vehicle. The result is a compact,fully-autonomous, all-diesel drone, that can take-off and land virtually from any surface and capable of high speeds and payload capacity.


Maximum Takeoff Mass: 60kg (132lb)
Dry Mass: 24kg (52lb)

Cruise Speed: 110 m/s (246mph)
Cruise Altitude: 120m (400ft)
Max Altitude: 10km (33,000ft)
Vertical Ascent: 30m/s (67mph)

Fuel Level Payload Capability Flight Time Range One-way
10L (2.5 gal) 28 kg (60 lb) 8 min 50 km (30 min)
20L (2.5 gal) 18 kg (40 lb) 16 min 100 km (60 min)




Operation Modes 

 Autonomous Waypoint Navigation
 Manual Position Control
 Fully Manual Mode (System-check Only)

4x Microturbine Jet-Engine
Fuel Type: Heavy (Diesel/Jet-A/Kerosene)
Control: 4x Thrust Vectoring System (TVS)
Maintenance Interval: 25Hrs
Start-up Time: 1min
Re-Fuel Time: 2min

Control Station (Included in Package) 

 Shoulder Strap Combination Unit
 Long-Range Transmitter (Control)
 8” Tablet (Telemetry / Mission Planning)
 Wireless Fuel Gauge
 Wired Engine Monitoring Terminal
 Leather Case
Mass: 1.2kg (2.6lb)
Range: 40km (25mi)
Uplink/Control: 2.4GHz
Download Telemetry: 980MHz

Payload Bay

 Undercarriage External Mounting
 2x Internal Bays (Forward and Aft)
Length: 0.20m (8in)
Width: 0.30m (12in)
Height: 0.15m (6in)
Power Supply: 360W
Voltage/Current: 12V/30A
Battery Capacity: 10,400mAh

Base Package Cost 
$100,000 USD (Excludes S&H)

Optional Upgrades (Ask for price)
Aerodynamic Package
Extra fuel tanks
Ground Station Range Upgrade
Companion Computer


FusionFlight AB6 Specifications (FusionFlight_JetQuad_Spec.pdf, 1,097 Kb) [Download]

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