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Minimum quantity for "AIRSHIP/BLIMP UAS SYSTEM" is 1.

Avfoil offers a full line of airships/blimps from 5 to 12 m or custom for us in aerial photography systems and aerostat Surveillance technology. Our camera blimps have been developed for close range aerial photography, giving you greater versatility and avoiding limitations of other platforms. Whether it is a tethered system, or a fully autonomous system challenger offers the best solutions.

2-layer Nylon with TPU
Aluminum/Carbon Motor
Composite Fins with Ailerons
22.2V 6S design

Length: 4 M / 13 ft
Power: 1000 W Gondola Twin Motors
Max Flight Time: 1 to 10 hrs (as battery)
Volume: 10.4 M3 Payload: 16 lbs


• Applications: Mapping, Photography and Aerial surveillance EO/IR
• Blimp is made of white 2 ply material nylon with TPU
• 1000W gondola (much powerful outdoor to resist wind)
• Volume is only 10.4 M3.
• 22.2V 6S design
• Max Flight time as battery


5 m outdoor AIRSHIP/Blimp is much powerful for outdoor flying. The envelope has enough lift to set stronger brushless motors, more battery power, composite fins with ailerons, heavier electronic components. It can lift to 1.2 kg and have our "rail system" where you can move the motor mount as well as the payload (camera rig) in the exact gravity center of the Blimp. All controls are double guaranteeing that durable and safety. 2-layer TPU with nylon envelope, Two main vectored motor and 1 left/right back motor, fins rudders, all electronics, aluminum/carbon motor mount.

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