Jetson ONE first certified ultralight eVTOL in Italy

Jetson CEO, Stephan D’haene, Holds Certification

Personal flying vehicle company, Jetson, announced this week that it has obtained two critical flight permits from the Italian aerospace authorities, reports a press release. 

First, Jetson obtained certification as the first eVTOL in the recreational ultralight category, allowing pilots to fly the craft in Italy’s uncontrolled airspace, after Aero Club d’Italia (AeCI) issued the first registration certificate.

This allows licensed pilots to fly the Jetson ONE pre-production aircrafts. The I‑X078 registration was received on October 5th. The release says, “Jetson is now part of aviation history, not only in Italy, but globally as the first flight in the U.S was performed on the same day.” 

Second, Jetson has also been granted an operational authorisation by Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) to fly an unmanned Jetson ONE remotely. This will accelerate the testing and product validation.

Stephan D’haene, Jetson CEO, said, “The operational authorisation allows us to gradually expand the flight envelope of the Jetson ONE, all without exposing a test-pilot to potential risk as we explore the limits of the vehicle. Safety is our number 1 priority, and this authorisation is a great enabler.”   

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U.S Flight

To celebrate these milestones, the company has presented not one but three Jetson ONE craft at the ZeroEmission Mediterranean event in Rome, a show covering renewable energies, e‑mobility and advanced air mobility. 

After moving the operations from Poland to Italy last year, Jetson is operating at a Production and R&D facility in Arezzo, Tuscany. The HQ’s private airfield, south of Florence, combines an industrial facility and an 800-metre airstrip perfect for daily flight testing. The airport is also the home to a customer experience centre and pilot school. 

The company has already sold over 300 units at a price of USD98,000 each, with a down payment of USD8,000 to reserve a serial number. A few weeks back, well-known music rapper, songwriter and record producer, will-i-am, invested a large sum of money into Jetson. He has been offered the first aircraft off the assembly line and will become one of the company’s initial pilots after completing the training course.

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