JOUAV VTOL Hangar makes debut at InterGEO 2023 Exhibition

market, this system offers an extended flight time of up to 100 minutes, supports a wider range of operations, and is better suited for large-scale, wide-area tasks. JOUAV Photo

InterGEO 2023 exhibition has drawn professionals from the global geographic information systems (GIS) and surveying sectors, with one attraction being the innovative product from JOUAV Automation CO., Ltd., the JOUAV VTOL Hangar.

This industrial-grade vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing unmanned hangar system marks a significant breakthrough in the fully automated processes of the civil UAV industry.

Showcased at InterGEO

InterGEO is a crucial global event in geospatial fields, where various innovative technologies and industry experts converge. The introduction of the JOUAV VTOL Hangar at the event aims to demonstrate its exceptional performance and potential applications in GIS and related fields on the international stage.

Pioneering innovation

The JOUAV VTOL Hangar System represents the world’s first fully automated unmanned hangar for VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) drones, garnering widespread attention in the civil unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) sector for its innovative features.

The system enables fully automated drone operations, including autonomous drone inspection, automatic charging, remote deployment, remote planning and command, and automatic data storage and transmission.

The advent of this system also signifies a more efficient and intelligent future for industries such as geospatial surveying, pipeline inspection, and environmental monitoring.

Key features

The JOUAV VTOL Hangar System is capable of carrying payloads such as EO/IR gimbals, ortho cameras and LiDAR. It is suitable for video surveillance, mapping and surveying, and data acquisition in industries including water resources, mining, smart cities, ecosystem.

Compared to multi-rotor drones available in the market, this system offers an extended flight time of up to 100 minutes, supports a wider range of operations, and is better suited for large-scale, wide-area tasks.

This system is easy to use, with pre-flight self-checks, an open software development kit (SDK), automatic battery charging and swapping, built-in uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and support for both local and public network deployments.

It boasts exceptional environmental adaptability, with outstanding waterproof performance, intelligent batteries, and an IP54 protection rating.

The system uses the JOUAV JoCloud Platform for tasks such as data storage and data processing, enabling a complete closed-loop application process that includes flight route planning, drone and hangar control, and data analysis.

It can also be integrated into existing UAV control and data platforms through the locally deployed JoCloud SDK, achieving intelligent, digital, and efficient mission and drone management.

Future prospects

The technicians from JOUAV have expressed their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation for the JOUAV VTOL Hangar, in order to meet the evolving market demands. They are confident in the future of UAV technology and believe it will play a crucial role in a broader range of fields.

Engagement and exhibition

During the exhibition, JOUAV also showcases the CW series drones and its LiDAR products. Find them at Booth: Hall 3.2, A3.035, Messe Berlin.

The showcase of the JOUAV VTOL Hangar signifies ongoing advancements in UAV technology within the fields of surveying and geographic information systems, hinting at the emergence of more innovative products in the future, driving the continuous development of this sector.

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