Moya Aero and N2 Infrastructure Technologies announce LoI to buy four Moya eVTOLs

Moya Aero and Canadian firm, N2 Infrastructure Technologies have announced a strategic partnership including a letter of intent (LoI) for four aircraft. 

The collaboration will see the two firms develop logistical operations with high-capacity remotely piloted aircraft. Brazil-based Moya’s eVTOL is an autonomous cargo drone with a payload capacity of 200kg and a range of 110km.

Partnerships are a natural option when two companies have the same goal. With Moya Aero and N2 Infrastructure Technologies, it was no different, according to Renata Paolillo, co-founder at Moya. She said: “We see a great synergy between Moya Aero and N2. We are both working to make logistics simpler and more sustainable.”

N2 Infrastructure is a new start-up that operates in the air cargo industry. Their company mission is to revolutionise the transport and logistic system using eVTOL drones. Providing EMS (Emergency medical services) is crucial to their mission.

Raheel Kamal, co-founder of N2, said: “The Moya eVTOL proved to be the ideal specification for our mission in remote regions.”

Moya’s eVTOL will enter into service in 2026.

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