Delivrone Collaborates with Rigitech, to Fly Night Drone BVLOS Routes in Northern France

Drone operator, Delivrone, in collaboration with Swiss-based RigiTech and its Eiger Platform, have successfully flown BVLOS night flights in Northern France, reports a press release. 

The release states, “The project marks a crucial step towards establishing an efficient and secure network for transporting critical medical supplies between clinics and hospitals during night-time aeronautic hours.”

Delivrone recently began flying two routes from Valenciennes to Maubeuge, connecting a local clinic and the Maubeuge Central Hospital to Valenciennes. “This signals a new era in medical transport,” says the release, “as the Delivrone team effectively traversed a distance of 39 km in approximately 25 minutes.”

The release continues, “One of the key challenges in healthcare logistics is the transportation of biological samples, which require precise temperature control, real-time tracking, and an unbroken chain of custody. Delivrone has embraced this challenge.”

The success of these BVLOS routes has been down to the technology provided by RigiTech. Its proprietary software, RigiCloud, plays a vital role in enabling nighttime operations for drone delivery. It offers advanced features such as detailed route planning, smart navigation, integrated Detect and Avoid systems and various contingency measures.

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David Rovira, Chief Business Officer and co-Founder at RigiTech, commented, “These successful BVLOS operations demonstrate our commitment to expanding innovative healthcare logistics in France and around the world.”

The partnership will continue to pioneer BVLOS drone technology for medical deliveries over the coming months, “executing new routes to further improve the rapid and secure transport of medical supplies.”


Founded in 2018, RigiTech focuses on creating fully integrated drone delivery solutions. Its drones are designed “with a network-first mentality,” the key to scaling drone delivery into a sustainable business model. 

The centralised RigiCloud software infrastructure ensures reliable, compliant communications, flight tracking and fleet maintenance management. RigiTech’s drone systems have been approved for and flown BVLOS operations on four  continents, delivering essential goods in their home base in Switzerland, across Europe, North and South America and Asia, with a focus on healthcare, offshore and postal markets.

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