Cielo Waste Solutions makes progress on Carseland project

Cielo Waste Solutions, a company focused on renewable fuels derived from wood by-products, announced significant progress on their Carseland, Alberta project.

The company announced that it has secured a key piece of equipment and submitted an environmental permit application to the Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA) for the project’s construction.

The Carseland Project is Cielo’s first commercial facility designed to transform wood by-products into low-carbon Bio-SynDiesel and Bio-SynJet fuels.

The project aims for initial commercial production in 2026 and is expected to generate 8m litres of fuel annually upon completion.

Cielo has partnered with Expander Technologies, affiliated with Cielo’s strategic partner Expander Energy, to design, manufacture, and deliver a Biomass Gasifier (Gasifier) for the Carseland Project.

This gasifier efficiently converts various biogenic materials, wood by-products such as railway ties, into clean syngas. The company said the gasifier integrates seamlessly with its licensed Enhanced Biomass to Liquids (EBTL) process, enabling the production of Bio-SynDiesel and Bio-SynJet fuels.

The Bio-SynDiesel produced boasts an estimated Carbon Intensity (CI) of 32.5gCO2e/MJ, exceeding Canada’s Clean Fuel regulations for diesel fuel by a significant margin. Expander Technologies anticipates having the Gasifier components ready for shipment to the Carseland Project site by mid-2025.

Cielo submitted a comprehensive environmental permit application to Alberta Environment and Protected Areas (AEPA) to gain approval for constructing the Carseland Project under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA).

“We are very pleased to announce these key milestones as Cielo continues the advancement of our Carseland Project with the order of this Gasifier and the submission of the environmental permit application,” said Ryan Jackson, CEO, Cielo.

In a separate development, Cielo entered into an agreement to settle approximately $25,184 of debt through a share issuance, subject to approval by the TSX Venture Exchange.

The company will issue 75,577 common shares at $0.32 per share as full and final repayment of the debt. The shares for debt transaction requires TSX Venture Exchange approval, and the issued shares will have a four-month hold period.


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