Eagle Copters Ltd. Supplies a 6th Helicopter to A&P Helicopters Inc.

Eagle Copters Ltd. is proud to supply a 6th Helicopter to A&P Helicopters Inc., since their first purchase from Eagle in 2019. The Eagle Single is the first of its type in their fleet and a valuable addition to their current Bell 407s, an Eagle 407HP, Bell 206 JetRanger, Bell UH-1H Huey, and MD500.

A&P Helicopters, based out of Richvale, California, provides a diverse range of services including Power Line Construction, External Cargo, Construction Lifts, Human External Cargo, Power and Pipeline Patrol, Law Enforcement, Motion Picture, Photography, and Insurance Retrieval.

The Eagle Single has been designed to be the helicopter of choice in the medium-lift market. An all-commercial helicopter ensuring lasting value, product support, part commonality, aftermarket accessories availability, and unmatched performance. The Eagle Single is suited to a variety of mission types including (but not limited to) personal use & film production, firefighting, utility work, forestry, and search & rescue. The Eagle Single is certified in Canada, the USA, Australia, Chile, Peru, Indonesia, and Japan.

This Eagle Single suited for utility work included some recent configuration upgrades including a lightweight utility configuration (under 6000 lbs.), full vertical reference door, new interior & exterior paint, new avionics suite, a complete rewire, and interior refurbishment.

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