Enstrom Helicopter launches newsletter

Enstrom Helicopter has announced the launch of their email newsletter “RotorWire.”

“Keeping our customers and fans of Enstrom helicopters informed of what’s happening at Enstrom is a priority of ours,” said Dennis Martin, Vice president of sales & marketing at Enstrom. “And we thought one great way to connect with people directly was with an email newsletter.”

Topics covered in recent issues include “The Future of Enstrom,” a visit to Enstrom by HAI President and CEO Jim Viola, articles about helicopter safety, events Enstrom will be attending, and more!

“The response to the first issue of our newsletter has been amazing,” said Jackie Kamps, manager-markering, advertising & trade shows at Enstrom. “The number of positive responses and emails we received after that first issue went out floored us.”

Subscribing to “RotorWire” is a great way to keep up to date with Enstrom.
Those interested can sign up to receive the newsletter themselves at EnstromHelicopter.com/signup.

This press release was prepared and distributed by Enstrom Helicopter.

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