The Hangar Z Podcast leadership summit 2023

The Hangar Z Podcast recruited the public safety aviation industry’s brightest leaders to produce an episode on Leadership, and leadership challenges facing public safety aviation today.

Leadership is a topic that is constantly on the radar of those in the public safety aviation industry. Bryan Smith reported that “Over the years I sent out the ALEA/APSA safety survey and consistently one of the top four ’safety concerns’ was problems with management or administration. It is disturbing to see that listed as a problem along with IIMC, engine failures, mid-air crashes, etc.

This group of leaders includes Clay Lacey from Texas DPS, Terry Miyauchi retired from Arizona DPS and is currently at Bell Flight, Jack Schonely retired from LAPD, Bryan Smith a current law enforcement pilot in Florida and previous Safety Program Manager for the Airborne Public Safety Association and Eric Weidner retired from the Ontario (California) Police Department now the Chief Operations Officer at CNC Technologies.

Each of these leaders are giants in the industry and has traveled the globe instructing and promoting the public safety aviation industry. Getting them all together for this event was truly special.

The Hangar Z Podcast and this special episode are available anywhere you listen to Podcasts.

The links below are for Apple Podcasts and Spotify

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