Topsoe to provide tech for SAF plant in China

Topsoe announced that it has signed an agreement with Guangxi Hongkun Biomass to provide its HydroFlex™ technology to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at the plant in the Qinzhou Port Area Free Trade Pilot Zone of Guangxi, China.

“Topsoe has world-class capabilities in biomass and renewable fuel production, and we are deeply impressed by Topsoe’s global leading technology and market influence in this field. After comprehensive selection, we firmly believe that Topsoe is capable of providing strong support to Hongkun in the field of bio-aviation fuel production,” said Jiaming Liu, general manager, Guangxi Hongkun Biomass.

Topsoe will deliver its HydroFlex™ technology for the project, which expects to process 300,000 tons of feedstock per year.

Guangxi Hongkun Biomass’s SAF production plant is expected to begin construction in May 2024, with SAF production to begin within the first few months of 2026.

Guangxi Free Trade Zone Hongkun Biomass Fuel is a subsidiary of Guangxi Hongkun Energy Group, located in Guangxi province’s Qinzhou Petrochemical Industry Park, a professional large-scale biomass energy enterprise using waste oil to produce HVO and SAF.

The company is currently one of the largest production bases of SAF in China, with a total investment of 3.5bn yuan.


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