Unanimous thumbs up from eVTOL industry as Mike Whitaker confirmed as new FAA Administrator

Since May, rumours have been swirling that Mike Whitaker would take over from Billy Nolen as the FAAs new Administrator. After five months, the CCO at Hyundai’s eVTOL Supernal company, has been officially confirmed for the position.

The flying taxi industry, in particular, is delighted with this appointment. While there has been no news on the FAA website to date, social media has been abuzz with excitement.

Three of the leading U.S eVTOL companies tweeted:-


Whitaker has spent his career in aviation, which began as an attorney for TWA in New York and Washington, followed by 15 years at United Airlines in Chicago, where he served as Senior Vice-President of ‘Alliances, International and Regulatory Affairs’. 

After leaving United, Whitaker served as Group CEO at InterGlobe, India’s largest travel conglomerate, based in Delhi. In 2013, he was appointed by President Obama as Deputy Administrator of the FAA, where he served for three years. While serving there, Whitaker obtained his private pilot certificate. He then served as Chief Commercial Officer for Supernal, a Hyundai company developing an eVTOL Aircraft, until his FAA appointment.

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