Volato orders 25 HondaJets due to increasing demand

Atlanta-based fractional provider Volato has ordered 25 HondaJet Elite II aircraft for delivery from next year.

The firm order will be delivered incrementally, with the jets set to be delivered from 2023 onwards. When complete, the company will have a total fleet of 42 HondaJets, up from its fleet of 17 this year.

Matt Liotta, CEO, Volato told Corporate Jet Investor (CJI): “We’ve been in talks with Honda for a bit of time because we did see demand in the market for ordering more planes.”

Liotta said there is demand for light jets like the HondaJet Elite II and Phemon 300 in the fractional market. “In the fractional space, the other popular plane is the Phenom 300 and NetJets announced that they were ordering 100 of those. So, that is just is another datapoint for the demand that exists for shares,” he told CJI. “In many ways the same customers for the Phenom 300 are also our customers for the HondaJet.”

The CEO said customers can immediately buy shares in the new jets but won’t have to wait for delivery to have access to Volato’s fleet. “Waiting until 2024 or beyond is a really long time when people need to fly now, so we accommodate that as soon as they sign their agreement to purchase the share,” he said. “Whatever the delivery date is, we’ll give them access to our existing fleet immediately.”

Liotta added: “We have a great relationship with HondaJet and we’re excited to make this order and continue this great relationship for years to come.”

Volato and Honda Aircraft Company worked together to “improve the cabin experience” on the jets due for delivery, according to the firm. The first aircraft featuring the cabin improvements will be delivered late next year.

Last month, Volato announced it was releasing 100 additional Stretch jet cards, which aim to reward flexibility in charter booking.

At the CJI Miami 2022 conference, NetJets announced that it will take 100 new aircraft next year.

Liotta also spoke at the conference. You can watch his panel below.

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