Lycoming O-540/IO-540 Replacement Cylinders

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Minimum quantity for "Lycoming O-540/IO-540 Replacement Cylinders" is 1.

Cylinder Piston & Ring Assy Kit, IO360 Narrow Deck- Lycoming - 05K21112


Engine Applications:

  • IO-360-A1A (Narrow Deck)
  • AEIO-540-L1B5, L1B5D (Narrow Deck)
  • HIO-540-A1A (Narrow Deck)
  • IO-540-A1A5, G1A5, G1B5, G1C5, G1D5, G1E5, G1F5, K1A5, K1B5, K1B5D, K1D5, K1F5, K2A5, L1A5 (Narrow Deck)
  • IO-720-A1A, A1B, A1BD, D1B, D1BD (Narrow Deck)
  • IO-720-A1B, A1BD (Narrow Deck)


Cylinder Information

High Comp - Angle Head - 3 Ring Cylinder
Valves (Installed)
Piston Pin with Plugs
Gasket Set



Only the Lycoming factory delivers Cool, Hard, Tough, Genuine Lycoming Cylinders.  The BEST Cylinders you can fly.

Lycoming’s advanced metallurgical department engineers our cylinder barrels and heads for unsurpassed strength and performance. The nitriding process provides our cylinders with a thick armored protection that significantly outlives other hardening processes. Lycoming cylinder design dissipates heat quickly and evenly.

Lycoming cylinder kits come complete with a nitrided steel barrel, a new aluminum alloy cylinder head, piston pins and plugs, intake and exhaust valves, chrome oil and compression rings, valve springs and seats, retaining keys, and all gaskets and seals.


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