ATS-A320 Advanced Training System

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check Detailed replica of the aircraft cockpit.
check Visual system generates landing runways images and airport boundaries.
check The ATS allows the instructor to follow up the exercises performed by the pilots and engineers on training. check Every activity is controlled by several computers, which recreate same conditions as in a real flight.
check Maintenance failures and different weather conditions may be introduced check Intended for heavy use.



• Cockpit Platform PRO (Cockpit, instructor station and cabinet section)


Center Pedestal

• Central Console for Multifunction system
• Multipurpose Control Display Unit (MCDU)
• Switching panel
• Throttle Quadrant (motorized)
• ECAM Control Panel
• Radio Management Panel (RMP)
• Audio Control Panel (ACP)
• Engine Start and Ignition Panel
• Weather Radar Control Panel
• Transponder Control Panel
• Speed Brake Lever
• Flap Lever
• Rudder Trim Selector
• Landing Gear Gravity Extension Handle
• Parking Brake
• Flood panel CAP and FO

Flight Instrument Panel

• Main Instrument Panel Module (Cockpit & Glareshield)
• Instrument Panel for CAP & FO
• TERR on ND Switch.- CAP & FO
• Standby Instruments system
• Display Units (PFD and ND) for CAP & FO sections
• Chrono
• Primary Engine & Warning and System Displays
• Landing Gear Lever & Autobrake module
• Brake Pressure Indicator
• PFD/ND Brightness Control CAP&FO
• Datalink Control Display Unit (DCDU) CAP&FO 
• Glare Wing modules CAP&FO 
• Flight Control Unit & EFIS panel (FCUP) CAP&FO 



• CAP & FO Rudder System Pedals (synchronized) 
• CAP & FO Sidesticks
• Cockpit lighting system
• Audio system
• Crew Communications INTERCOM System
• Seat Crew for CAP & FO
• Electrical set, Low voltage supplies & Internet
• Sliding Table CAP & FO
• Nosewheel Steering CTL (Tiller) CAP & FO
• Horometer
• Reading light for CAP & FO


Overhead Panel

• Upper, Lower & EXT Light & Engine Module
• Circuit Breakers module
• Pedestal Light
• ADIRS Panel
• Flight Control Panel
• Emergency Electrical power
• GPWS Panel
• RCDR Panel
• Oxygen Mask panel
• Call Panel
• Wiper/Rain Panel
• Fire Panel
• Hydraulic Panel
• Fuel Panel
• Electrical Panel
• Air Conditioning Panel
• Anti Ice Panel
• Cabin Pressure Panel
• External Lights Panel
• APU Panel
• Internal Light Panel
• Signs Panel
• Oxygen Panel
• Hydraulic Maintenance Panel
• ACP Panel
• Flight Control Panel
• Cargo Heat/Smoke Panel
• Ventilation Panel
• Engine Panel

Master Instructor Desk

• Instructor Cabin Section 
• Observer Section

Shell (Fuselage)


• Structural steel system (cockpit, instructor station & cabinet section
• Set Windows system & template glass  
• Interior panel system


External Visual System

• Visual system 
Various visual system options, from large format LCD display to curved projection up to 210° x 45° viewable area


PC's and Software

Advanced Packaging Tool (APT)-Avionic Suite 

• Airbus software is designed as per Airbus STD 1.9. or 2
• Real aircraft data packs.
• Simulated Multi-Scan Weather Radar (WXR) based on Rockwell Collins Multiscan with Windshear
• Traffic Collision and Avoidance System (TCAS)
• ACARS and Datalink Solutions (Optional)
• Air Traffic Information Service (ATIS)
• Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS)
• Honeywell Based Flight Management Computer (FMC) (Optional Rehost)
• Simulated Weather Radar
• Simulated TCAS
• Autopilot & Autoflight System
• Engines & Warning System
• Integrated Electronic Checklist
• Sound and Environment
• Pushback
• Debrief Studio
• Simex eQTG Studio (for FTD level 5)
• Custom Display Overlay for Professional Rapid Avionics Design and Prototyping
• Flexible Setup Configurations
• Highly Efficient Architecture resulting in minimal Processor Power Requirements
• Modular Architecture to support future Updates and Higher Certification Requirements
• Simulation Software: Prepar 3d v4, FSUIPC, WideFS
• Communication Software: TightVNC, TeamViewer 12
• Operative System: Win 10


Certification 3 (DGAC-Peru-a320png-2.png, 146 Kb) [Download]

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