Erickson completes 2019 delivery of Air Cranes for Korea Forest Service

Erickson Incorporated, a leading operator, maintainer, and manufacturer of utility aircraft, has announced the delivery of K8 to the Korea Forest Service (KFS), completing the delivery of KFS’s 2019 two-aircraft order.


Erickson has delivered K8 to the Korea Forest Service. Erickson Photo

This brings KFS’s operational fleet up to six S-64 Air Crane helicopters. KFS and Erickson share nearly a 20-year relationship, with developing a model firefighting and emergency response program complete with by-the-hour maintenance services, pilot training, and delivery of remanufactured aircraft. The S-64 is well-known in Korea with a strong reputation for being the best firefighting aircraft available.


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In 2001, KFS was the first foreign government to purchase S-64 helicopters from Erickson. Due to its success with the aircraft, KFS continues to modify and upgrade its fleet with the addition of K8, incorporating the latest modifications, including composite main rotor blades and glass cockpit.

KFS continues to be a leader in aerial firefighting, utilizing the most robust aircraft, for the toughest job.

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