Altair supports Manta Aircraft’s innovative long range hybrid electric eVSTOL program

This collaboration comes through Altair's Aerospace Accelerator Program, aimed at accelerating the design of the scalable family of next-generation aircraft. Manta Aircraft Photo

Altair and Manta Aircraft, the OEM behind the long-range hybrid-electric eV/STOL (vertical and short take off and landing) platform “ANN,” announced strategic support by Altair for Manta Aircraft’s innovative program, signed during the DriftX Event in Abu Dhabi.

This collaboration comes through Altair’s Aerospace Accelerator Program, aimed at accelerating the design of the scalable family of next-generation aircraft.

Tailored to meet the unique needs of the aerospace industry, Altair’s Aerospace Accelerator Program offers unlimited simulation and data analytics software, as well as unlimited online and self-paced training, all while ensuring complete control for participating entities.

As part of the collaboration, Altair will provide software tools and computational intelligence solutions in the areas of digital engineering, AI, and data analytics technologies. This support will drastically accelerate Manta Aircraft’s journey, reduce risks and costs, and facilitate data-driven critical decision-making processes.

“Altair is dedicated to supporting those who dare to push the limits of engineering to innovate faster and change the world,” said Paolo Colombo, Director of Strategy, Aerospace and Defense at Altair.

“This commitment is exemplified through Altair’s support of promising startups like Manta Aircraft, providing an acceleration program designed to overcome the specific challenges of the aerospace industry.”

Manta Aircraft will utilize these resources to finalize the design readiness for the manufacturing of 1:1 scale prototypes of their platform demonstrator “ANN2” within the next 12 months. Additionally, they will continue the design of other models such as the “ANN Plus,” a versatile multi-seater with six seats, and a drone configuration.

Lucas Marchesini, CEO Manta Aircraft: “We at Manta are very grateful to Altair for their confidence in our project and their decision to support us with the tools and very specific expertise that Altair has acquired over the last few years. We are confident that we can solve outstanding technical challenges in the various areas of the Manta design by utilizing the remarkable variety of tools Altair has made available to us.”

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