Champion Iridium Electrode Spark Plug

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Electrode Spark Plug

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Longer lasting than platinum spark plugs, Iridium "S" fine wire plugs resist lead attack better and provide better scavenging than standard platinum spark plug designs, resulting in exceptional performance, even under the most demanding conditions. Plug Electrodes are constructed of highly corrosion resistant iridium.

Aircraft Spark Plug Maintenance

It is normally recommended that spark plug gaps and deposit conditions be checked at 50 hour intervals. In addition, removal time specifications are usually available from the manufacturer and may be supplemented by past experience with a particular engine model.

Checking spark plug gaps and deposits at appropriate regular intervals is crucial to preventing engine misfires.

Aircraft Spark Plug Gaskets

Aviation Spark Plug Gaskets are manufactured to precise dimensions and material standards, based on the effective reach of a spark plug as determined by its installed thickness. An ideal installation has the firing end of the plug flush with the combustion chamber wall with no exposed threads on the plug or the cylinder bushing. Exposed threads can become hot spots initiating preignition. Use and installation of proper gaskets are essential to reliable engine operation. Double gasketting a spark plug or use of non-standard thin gaskets will expose threads, contributing to engine-damaging preignition. Use new copper gaskets to ensure a tight, gas-sealed spark plug.

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